Value, virtue, and..fulfillment come through realizing the potentialities that are uniquely one’s own; in ways that are not inconsequential, those possibilities differ from those of every other soul that has ever lived, or ever will live in the future.

Huston Smith


I think we’re too quick to categorize ourselves and the things we see as part of a big battle to understand a life and a world that’s for the most part confusing as hell.

This despite the fact that no one truly knows much of anything when it comes down to it, never has and reasonably never will. Although we feel better when we say we do

I just try and let it all happen without getting in the way. Sometimes I try to capture moments that make me feel full. There are sensations and thoughts and feelings you can have that go beyond your ability to describe. But by trying to, you seek them out and they come.

This is my creative outlet, a mode and a by-product of that seeking out. Through it I hope to share glimpses of moments with people I love and inspire others to do the same. Because I think it’s why we’re here anyway

And so why have a title? Why wrap a box around a thing that’s supposed to express the thing we can’t put words on?



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