feel like I’m in everyone’s way

the city that never leaves you alone




avoiding eye contact.

“square is that way. you’re going wrong way”

zoco = zoo. Grilling meat, couscous, motos, venders vending, constant foot traffic, donkeys/carts. too much

feel like an outsider.

big, bellowing horn for different. startled me 1st time   + constant smog

everyone just drops what they’re doing and heads to mosque

people seem convivial.  soft, genuine niceness behind hard face. why?

Hello in like 3-4 languages




“give me money”

photos are hard. aniconism?

Hostel comfy but cold/dirty/wet/old. Run by 20 yr olds. “dating”

Free breakfast tho & tea, orange stuff drank everywhere. never saw coffee.

“tagine” –> trip highlight

such a world apart




Last day met a German friend – Ava

good time at photo exhibit & Marjorelle gardens. Too bad only 1 day

might see her in Fes, though




s/o Andrew Bourdain. an inspiration


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