Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota


6.20.18Β  Section 13, Manitou State Park

Big city’s got me out of shape

~9 miles hurt pretty bad

Linus ran probably 20+. Ran ahead and then back the entire walk




Backpack clip broke. Improvised with carabiner

BroughtΒ too much stuff. Need to work on what not to bring

1st trip with Pentax. Excited to see how photos turn out. Def want to be able to bring it all the time.

almost was in H2O 2x already

Section 13 –> fast. underwhelming

South Egge Lake site full w/ noisy folks

North site free! In bed by 930

up w/ a book by 5:30 πŸ™‚




6/21 Thursday




summer solstice today? think so

hiked >10 miles for 1st time

pretty flat wasn’t horrible. Still need to lose pack weight

+new pack?!




Lilly Island & Sonju Lake looked like the spot to overnight. missed out

Linus much more tired today.

Less running, more mud puddles.

Pussed out, stopped short of reserved site, @ site 7 ~half way to 14 (imagine fuckin that)

Many campsites along river. Will have to be back many times.

self proclaimed “backpacker’s paradise”






out, to Duluth for beer and ???

bugs are bad this morning

I missed this alot



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